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Spot the ball is a classic sporting game remembered fondly by millions. With Balls Out, we’ve made it into a prize competition that changes lives.

With Balls Out, you're in control. You choose the prizes you want to play for. You use your skill and judgement to try to win.

Here's how it works: you view our list of available prizes, each of which has a ticket associated with it. Each ticket gives you one 'shot' at picking where you think the centre of the ball is. You can buy as many tickets as you want for as many different prizes you want up to a total of 155 for any individual competition.

You then view a real football picture with the ball removed and use your skill and judgement to determine where you think the centre of the ball should be. You then place your shots on the spots that you think give you the best chance of winning.

We use our panel of expert judges to identify the winning coordinates, and whoever is closest wins the prize they played for with that shot.

We give away a prize every week, and runners up get rewards too. Read more about how to play here. You can also see our full terms and conditions here.



Spot the ball isn't new. If you're of a certain age,you probably remember it in the back of newspapers, making your Xs on the picture with a pen or pencil.

Balls Out is simply a modern version of that, except we give our players more control and more transparency. Players pick the prizes they want and at the end of each competition they can see where the winning coordinate were, who the final winner was, and who the runners up were. They can also overlay their own shots to see just how close they got.

We run a fair, honest competition and we want people to know that.

Game History

WINNER - WEEK 25: June 15th 2020

Joe from London

Cash £1,000.00 

Joe from London had never entered a prize competition before he saw an ad for Balls Out. He played most of his tickets for a variety of luxury watches, but had a little credit left over and used that to play for £1,000 - and it was that ticket that was closest to our judges' winning coordinate (3 pixels out to be exact!) "I would have loved a watch but I'm not going to say no to £1,000, especially as the ticket cost me 25p!"

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WINNER - WEEK 17: April 20th 2020

Calum from Kent

Watches & Tech Tag 

Calum decided to play Balls Out and following our judges' verdict, his shot was the closest making him our first winner! With the choice of either a luxury watch worth £2500 or £2000 in cash, Calum opted for the £2000 cash prize. Upon hearing the news, Calum said: "I never win these types of competitions so getting the phone call was surreal!" Calum stressed that he would put the money to good use, stating: "I'll have to buy the boys a round now!"

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