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WEEK: 25 - June 15th 2020

  • Competition Winner
  • Joe from London £1,000.00 

    Joe from London had never entered a prize competition before he saw an ad for Balls Out. He played most of his tickets for a variety of luxury watches, but had a little credit left over and used that to play for £1,000 - and it was that ticket that was closest to our judges' winning coordinate (3 pixels out to be exact!) "I would have loved a watch but I'm not going to say no to £1,000, especially as the ticket cost me 25p!"

    the judge's


    Competition Image
    Zone Target
    judge's decision

    X 2001
    Y 865

    winning shot

    X 2004
    Y 866

    zone 1

    15% Ticket value returned

    zone 2

    10% Ticket value returned




    We film the judging of every competition. Take a look at the video above to see how this competition’s judges chose the winning coordinate.

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