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You play for the prize you want. So if a brand new Jaguar F-Type is made for you, make your choice. Or if £30k in cash has caught your eye, then you know what to do.

Each prize has its own ticket price associated with it. You pay for tickets for the prizes you want, and use those tickets to take shots on our spot the ball game. You can play for multiple prizes if you like, or put all your eggs in one basket with one. You’re allowed up to a maximum of 155 shots in one competition.

You also have the option of improving your potential prize by adding cash lump sums on top. You’ll see how to do this when you go to make your purchase. See our full terms and conditions.

Now’s your moment. You’ve got to use your skill and judgement to pick that perfect prize-winning pixel. Carefully review the picture-where are the eyes pointing? What players are flinching? What’s the crowd doing? Then use a ticket to place a marker where you think the centre of the ball should be.

If your selection is the closest to the selection made by our panel of expert judges, you’re in the money-we’ll be along soon to surprise you with the prize your winning shot played for. You can read about what happens in the case of a tie break in our terms and conditions.

Remember-you can make multiple selections to improve your chances of success. You just need to buy enough tickets to do so.

We call in our panel of expert judges to review the competition’s picture and between them they select a winning coordinate. These judges are ex professionals and referees who know the sport inside-out.

Once they have identified the winning coordinate, we plug it into our system to find the final winner. The player who played the shot closest to the winning coordinate wins the prize associated with that shot.

In the case of a tie, we have a two-stage process to determine the final winner. First, we look at the tied players’ second closest shots. Who ever’s was closest to the winning coordinate wins their prize (if their first and second shots were for different prizes, we let them choose which prize they’d like).

If one of our tied players did not take a second shot, we enter all tied players into a follow-up playoff competition to determine a winner. For more information about how this works, please read our full terms and conditions.

We ask players to submit surprise contact information when they create an account so we can surprise them with their prize if they win. Once judgement has been made, we try to arrange a day and time to surprise our final winner at home, their place of work or wherever they happen to be.

If they haven’t supplied surprise contact information, or for some other reason we can’t surprise them, we will contact them directly by telephone. As well as the prize to the final winner, we give away Balls Out Reward Credit to people who were almost but not quite on the money with their shots. The next 10 closest players receive a whopping £20 in Reward Credit to play again.

We also have two Near Miss Zones. These are fixed circles around the winning coordinate. If you’re in Zone 1, you get 15% of your total spend in that competition back as Reward Credit. If you’re in Zone 2, you get 10% of your total spend in that competition back as Reward Credit.

We run a fair, honest and transparent competition. After we have surprised or contacted our final winner, we post the judging process and full results on our website.
View previous results here.

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