We’re not here to take the ticket sales and run. If we did, we wouldn't be around for very long, would we?

We run a fair and honest competition, and we’re in this for the long haul. Every single Balls Out competition results in a prize given away to a final winner.

Each competition is judged by ex professional players and referees, and is filmed and posted to our YouTube channel and website. Each competition’s results are posted to our site, showing where the winning coordinates are and who the winner was. Our players can see just how close they were so they can improve their performance next time.

Our Prizes

Our prizes are legitimate, and someone walks away with one every week. SEE OUR PRIZES

Our Game

Our game is designed so it can't be cheated. Each week we post the full results so our players can see for themselves how the winner was determined. HOW IT WORKS

Our Judges

The people who judge our game are ex professionals and referees. They're staking their reputations on us being fair and honest. READ ABOUT OUR JUDGES HERE

Our Charities

We don't just give away prizes. We give back in other ways, too. A portion of all ticket sales goes towards men's charities to support good causes such as testicular/prostate cancer research and mental health support. READ ABOUT OUR CHARITABLE DONATIONS HERE